Selecting the Perfect Slate Finish For Your Home Sign

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Choosing the right colour of paint for your interiors and home structure is as important as matching your slate sign with your home design and style. How do you select the perfect slate sign finish to give your home an additional stunning look? We’re happy to lend our recommendations!

One of the highly suggested slates for outdoor signs is the natural slate. It has the best resistance to any damage induced by natural disasters.

It has waterproof materials that make it highly durable, with a lifespan averaging to a hundred years. Compared to artificially crafted products, a natural slate does not require routine care. Its resistant properties enable its appearance to remain unchanged through a significant number of years.

As you select the right slate house signs, your exterior home sign will have a quality that will survive for a long time.

Welsh Slate also has a thickness that makes it a flexible material for home signs. It also has a good variety of uses.

The Welsh Slate is identified to be produced from the North Wales valleys. With the presence of Pyrite and Quartz in the valley’s soil, Welsh Slate gives an attractive, luxurious, and inimitable finish of black and blue.

Slate Sign Finishes

Enamel Engraving

By applying an excellent signwriter’s gloss, your slate sign will have a high-class look. We also do a Pantone colour matching scheme. This look is great on both memorial engravings and home signs.

Gold-Plated Inscription

We can incise images or figures to add to your engraved sign. A hand-done 23.5ct gold plating can also be applied as an exceptional finish for your slate engraving.

Natural Engraving

A plaque made with natural, more porous stones is best finished with an old-style stone inscription. It gives a simple yet classic finish. For plaque made with limestones and sandstones, we advise doing the natural engraving.

Embossed Sign

Embossing lets all the stone parts be carved, excluding the sign or inscription, making an elevated engraving or figure. Embossed signs can also serve as a Braille or as an aid for people with eye impairment.

Enamel Logo

Together with the main inscription, we can incise figures and symbols and paint in a wide variety of colours. We can have our design professionals reshape and incorporate your logo to make it best-suited for engraving.

Gold-Plated Logo

Using a superior quality 23.5ct of English gold, we can plate your logo for a more fabulous finish. This shining and shimmering engraving displays an impressive façade on both memorial plaques and home signs.

Engraved Border

An engraved border adds to the final touch of the slate sign and provides the perfect finish. These borders can be from a simple margin to an Indo-European style of knots, and they can either be coloured or gold-covered while matching the engraving inside or simply left for a more natural finish look.

This option can also be applied to all types of material.


House Sign Looks

There is unquestionably a wide range of available options, so it can be a difficult task to find the right style of slate to match the style of your house. Our team of professionals is prepared to assist and provide recommendations on the different types with their matching finishes.


1. The Contemporary Look

We generally suggest simple engraving fonts that go along well with a gloss paint filler for modern homes. It can support the slate to display a flowing look.

The most recommended fonts are Sans Serif fonts—the Helvetica or Arial letterings. They give a modern look that matches and highlights the conventional design of your home.

An out of the ordinary colour of a gloss paint filler can also amplify the looks of a modern house. It gives a modern variance to the old-style coat of Welsh slate sign.


2. The Old-Style Look

The classic style of many traditional homes will more accurately suit an ancient Times New Roman or Georgia typeface, known as the most common Serif fonts.

A gold-plated engraving in a Serif lettering finish can give a timeless and attractive impression that highlights and pairs the old-style look of your home.

3. The Statement Look

We generally recommend a border design finish around your engravings to give your sign an ultimate statement look. You can choose either a pin line margin inscription or a plain border pitched on the edges of the slate. It can flaunt an enhanced look on both old-style and modern contemporary house styles.

A gold leaf filler for the border or enamel paint to suit your chosen lettering finish can infill the pin line margin inscription. On the other hand, a rustic or a plain and straightforward side border exhibits a more natural finish for your plaque’s edges.

Consider All Shapes and Dimensions

To ensure you are satisfied with your house signs and that everything is tailored according to your wishes, we offer you an exceptional customization service. To add to personalization, we can provide you with patterns for the slate borders. We can even enhance and innovate your current design into a unique border pattern.

We guarantee your home’s external and long-lasting beauty, no matter what style it has.


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