Why Welsh Slate Signs Are Gaining More Popularity

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Whether you are a home or a business owner, you know that signs hung around the premises of your property help people identify who you are quickly. These provide an easier way of promoting yourself without going through too much effort.

However, these signs can be pretty expensive, especially if you want something that will last for a long time. Instead of going for the cheaper (and unreliable) route, you can choose unique alternatives like Welsh slate house signs.


What Are Slates?

Slates are fine-grained metamorphic rocks that have chemically and structurally changed. Usually, “slate” is used as a generic term for mudstone, limestone, and similar types of rocks.

These rocks have lines of breakability that allow them to be split into sheets. These sheets can then be moulded and shaped for various purposes and applications.

Slates are found in many areas, particularly Wales, Canada, and Spain. The geology and country of origin create variations in the rock that dictate its features. Slates from different countries can come in various strengths, qualities, and colours.


What Is A Welsh Slate?

A Welsh slate is considered as the gold standard of slates. They are found and mined around Wales, made from deposits that date back over 500 million years.

These slates were used for roofing as early as the Roman period. The Romans used Welsh slates around 77AD at their fort in Segontium Caernarfon.

Due to the high-quality Welsh slate, the industry in Wales slowly expanded. There are records of Wales slates shipping to the United Kingdom and other Western European nations since the early 13th century.

The industry grew steadily from the 18th century to the late 19th century. Nowadays, people use the Welsh slate for various products — ranging from roofing, tableware, wine racks, and slate signs.


Reasons Why Welsh Slates Are Popular

Welsh slates and slate signs are famous worldwide for their beauty, durability, and ease of use. These slates may be quite expensive in the short term, but the longevity and their other benefits can make them high-quality investments that last a lifetime.


1. Welsh Slate Signs Look Beautiful

Welsh slate signs add a beautiful, modern touch to all homes. Even businesses opt for Welsh slates because of their professional, stylish look.

The grayish-blue hue of Welsh slate signs catches the eye, especially when attached to bricks or woodwork. The colours depend on where the Welsh slate came from. The shades may range from Heather blue to dark grayish-blue.

You can have your bespoke Welsh slate house sign come with different labels, words, and numbers. Using modern laser-cutting technology, companies make Welsh slate signs with no mistakes and give any residence a unique, timeless touch.

The slate’s earthy texture magnifies its color. Due to their cut and naturally occurring marks, no two Welsh slate house signs are the same.

Welsh slate signs also come in different shapes and sizes. You can even find these signs in various aesthetics. If you want a rough look, you can opt for signs with a rustic edge. If you prefer a more professional and finished look, you can find signs with straight edges.


2. Welsh Slate Signs Are Easy To Put Up

Other house signs require screws to hold them in place. These screws can often be unsightly and ruin the overall look of the signs.

Welsh slate signs come with concealed and durable nylon pins sunk into a tough resin. This fixing allows you to put up the signs with minimal effort and visibility safely. This kind of setup also makes the signs perfect for uneven surfaces.


3. Welsh Slate Signs Do Not Require Maintenance

Welsh slates are world-renowned for their quality and strength. Due to their toughness, Welsh slates can last long despite having little to no maintenance.

Welsh slate signs are chemically inert, stainless, and non-combustible. These signs also do not need sealing and can withstand all kinds of weather.

These qualities make Welsh slate signs an asset since they reduce maintenance costs. Also, even though maintenance is unnecessary, you can clean and shine your slate sign if you choose to do so.


4. Welsh Slate Signs Are Highly Durable

Welsh slates have minimal impurities and are considered the finest in the world. The Welsh slate’s durability sets it apart from other kinds, such as the Spanish slate.

Due to its composition, Welsh slate signs are resistant to different elements. These slates are waterproof and can withstand freezing and thawing. These signs are also resistant to heat and ultraviolet light, making them the perfect choice for all kinds of climates.

Welsh slates are also highly compressible yet robust. The slate’s toughness can withstand extreme and strenuous conditions.

Welsh slates are known to last a lifetime. For example, Welsh slate roof tiles exposed to the elements can stay in place for over a hundred years. If Welsh slate roofs can last a century while exposed to adverse weather, Welsh slate house signs can last even longer.

As such, people can use Welsh slate signs for any part of the home. You can place these signs indoors or outdoors, and you can rest assured that the sign will stay strong and unaffected for years to come.


5. Welsh Slate Signs Can Be Recycled

The modern world dislikes waste products, especially those made from precious materials. Luckily, Welsh slates are recyclable.

Welsh slates rarely chip or break. However, broken slates can be recycled into similar products or turned into other products. With that in mind, you can be confident that any broken slate you put in the recycling bin will be used and will not contribute to landfills.

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